Well, you save a lot of money, right?  But of course there’s more to IT than that.  Manufacturers always want you to buy the latest and greatest.  Some IT departments have the budget to do that and their users demand the newest bells and whistles available.  But most of us run our business on a budget and we don’t always need the latest and greatest because last year’s model may suit our needs just fine.

It’s kind of like that car I wanted when I turned 16, it was a brand new red Camaro.  It was slick, shiny, and went fast.  But did I need that?  Nope, I did better buying that Nissan that had 20,000 miles on it, saved me a bunch of money that I put away to save for college.  Short term I met my needs to fit my bigger picture long term goal.

If your IT budget is lean, then our refurbished servers, storage, and networking equipment offer high quality product at a low cost, and they all come with our industry leading lifetime warranty.  For some applications, the latest, greatest technology is a must.  In other cases, a refurbished product is simply a better choice.  For example:

  • Some business applications don’t require the latest performance
  • If your company’s application must run on a certain platform and “new” production on that platform has been discontinued by the manufacturer
  • Refurbished equipment offers a better price/performance value

What should I look for when I buy refurbished?  Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure you buy from a pro with the experience and quality control procedures to properly refurbish high end IT equipment
  • Check the warranty.  Are you getting it as is, or is the seller backing it with their own extended warranty?
  • Ask about return policies.  If you buy it do you own it, or can you return it to the seller with no questions asked?

At the end of the day, refurbished IT may be the soundest business decision you’ve made lately.  Let us help you find out how to save your IT budget!

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