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When it comes to saving on your technology infrastructure, there are two main strategies to employ in order to have the most success. First, you should buy quality equipment at a reduced price. Second, it’s imperative you get a return on those technology investments.

Get the maximum value for your used network hardware, stretch your technology budget as far as possible, and lower the total cost of ownership on your technology investments. That’s our ITAD IT Asset Disposal recovery program at work for you, helping you maximize your IT Budget.

Disposing of equipment seems simple enough, but there are rules and regulations in place for proper removal. We ensure that all company data is wiped from your machine, as well as discarding old parts correctly. With ISM, your old parts don’t wind up in a landfill, we reuse and what we can’t remarket for you, we recycle following all EPA guidelines to extract the precious metals from the equipment and properly dispose of what can’t be recycled.

ISM provides hardware trade-in and competitive replacement programs that lower the overall cost of a technology refresh. By providing full market value for legacy hardware, we drive cost savings and profits for our partners. Services include fair-market value analysis, revenue sharing programs, and online inventory management and reporting systems.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

  • Liquidation of your used equipment
  • Recycling of all excess equipment
  • Consignment programs to help maximize your recovery

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