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IBM 5755 200/400Gb LTO2 23R3214 96P1774

IBM 5755 200/400Gb LTO2 23R3214 96P1774


  • Description

    Product Description


    Part Numbers 23R3214 96P1774 23R3248 23R3247 with power cable PN 42R4119 SCSI cable PN 39J4140

    200/400 GB Half High Ultrium 2 tape drive (FC 5755)

    Learn about the features of this media device.

    The LTO half-high tape drive is a SCSI device that can be used for backing up, restoring and archiving data. These files can include multimedia, imaging, transaction processing, large databases, and other storage-intensive applications. Each tape cartridge can store up to 200 GB of data (uncompressed), or up to 400 GB of data (compressed), assuming a 2 to 1 compression ratio.

    Note: The actual capacity varies depending on the application, the type of data, and the tape cartridge. 200 GB is typical and 400 GB is possible when the Data Compression setting is activated. The default setting of Data Compression is controlled by the host system. The user and the application software can control the activation or deactivation of the data compression setting. The drive can optimally achieve a 2:1 compression ratio.

    The LTO half-high tape drive FRU part number is 23R3248

    The custom card identification number (CCIN): 63A0

    The LTO half-high tape drive features:

    • A sustained native data transfer rate of up to 24 MB per second, 48 MB per second at 2:1 compression
    • Downward read and write compatibility with earlier LTO-type data cartridges.
    • Uses the self-configuring SCSI device driver native to the host operating system.
    • Can be used as an bootable device, depending on the host system configuration.
    • 5.25-inch half-high form factor
    • Streaming operation

    Attributes required: One 1.6-inch (41 mm) half-high media bay and one SCSI-2 internal 16-bit address

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