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IBM 5095 Expansion Unit 53P1359

IBM 5095 Expansion Unit 53P1359


  • Description

    Product Description

    (#0595) PCI-X Tower Unit in Rack (we also have all parts in stock for this 0595 or 5095 expansion unit)

    Feature #0595 is the racked version of the #5095 PCI-X Expansion Tower which provides I/O capability for iSeries systems. The #0595 has identical functional capabilities to the #5095. The #0595 has seven PCI-X IOP/IOA slots and supports up to 12 disk units. A #9844 Base PCI I/O is included. #0595 uses 5 EIA units of space in the tower.

    #0595 has redundant power when feature #5138 is specified. #5138 includes a second 435W power supply and a second line cord must also be ordered to provide dual line cord capability. A bus adapter to provide the HSL interface to the system is included.

    One or two cables must be ordered to attach to the HSL or HSL-2 ports.

    When ordering cables to connect to the HSL interface, optical HSL, copper HSL, copper HSL-2, or copper HSL to HSL-2 cables are required. An HSL loop uses all optical or all copper ports/cables. A copper loop can intermix I/O towers/units with copper HSL and copper HSL-2 ports. Select the appropriate cable based on the type of HSL ports to which it is being attached, and the cable length required.

    Prerequisites: #0551 (iSeries Rack), or #0551 (830 Rack). This feature requires OS/400 V5R2, plus updates. Refer to Informational APAR II13440 at:

    Supported on the following systems: 520, 550, 570, 595, 800, 810, 820, 825, 830, 840, 870, 890

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