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Juniper DX3680-SLB-SSL-S-4G

Juniper DX3680-SLB-SSL-S-4G


  • Description

    Product Description

    Juniper DX3680-SLB-SSL-S-4G       Juniper Load Balancer

    The DX application acceleration platform resides in the data center

    in front of content servers, where it serves as a full request/responseaware

    bi-directional HTTP proxy for processing incoming and

    outgoing requests. By offloading servers from CPU-intensive tasks,

    the DX platform makes servers much more efficient, accelerating

    the performance of web-enabled applications and improving the

    productivity of remote, branch office and mobile employees accessing

    centralized business applications.


    Server Load Balancing

    As a fundamental service, the DX platform delivers full Layer 4-7 server

    load balancer (SLB) functionality.

    Equipped with multiple load-balancing methods and sticky modes, the

    DX platform can load-balance any application that needs to be scaled or

    made highly available. The DX platform performs server health checks

    ranging from simple ICMP ping and Layer 7 HTTP content validation

    to scriptable health-check facilities to verify that applications, whether

    custom or off the shelf, are healthy before any requests are sent to

    the server. Full server/connection management features ensures that

    servers and services can be inserted or deactivated at any time in a live

    network without causing a service outage.


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