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IBM 9406-570 i5 iSeries AS/400

IBM 9406-570 i5 iSeries AS/400


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    Product Description

    We have various 570 models in stock with IBM iOS licenses from V5R4, V6R1, V7R1 etc.  Please contact us for configurations and with your CPW requirements so we can properly size the 570 to meet your requirements.

    IBM System i5 570

    The model 570 is based on IBM 1.65GHz POWER5 or 2.2GHz POWER5+ processor technology. The 1.65GHz 570 is offered as a 1/2-way, 2/4-way, 5/8-way, 9/12-way or 13/16-way system ranging from 3,300 to 44,700 CPW. The 2.2GHz 570 is offered as a 2/4-way, 4/8-way or 8/16-way system ranging from 8,400 to 58,500 CPW. There is also a 2/16-way model 570 designed disaster recovery usage with either the 1.65GHz or 2.2GHz. 570 is offered as with a maximum of 512 GB of memory and 96 TB of disk storage. Each 570 provides on demand processor capabilities.

    The model 570 processor is housed in a four EIA-unit rack-optimized processor enclosure. Each enclosure holds up to four processors (two 0/2-way processor features). Thus a 2/4-way has one processor enclosure. A 13/16-way or 8/16-way has four processor enclosures. A 1/2-way has one processor enclosure, and has only one processor feature. An enclosure has:

    • Sixteen memory slots (eight slots if a 1/2-way)
    • Six PCI-X slots
    • Six disk slots (three enabled with an optional cache feature)
    • Two slots for slimline DVD drives
    • An integrated controller for the enclosures disk and DVD slots
    • An slot to add an optional card for CEC disk write cache and RAID-5 capability
    • An integrated 1 Gps/100 Mbps/ 10 Mbps Ethernet LAN adapter with two ports
    • Two HSL-2/RIO-G ports for one HSL/RIO loop
    • A slot to add another HSL-2/RIO-g adapter for a second loop
    • Two SPCN ports
    • Two serial ports
    • Two HMC ports
    • Two USB ports

    IBM i5/OS V5R3 or V5R4, support the use of all of the hardware elements listed except one slimline slot, two serial ports, and two USB ports. These components are reserved for other operating systems running on the 570.

    Neither the integrated disk/DVD controller nor the integrated Ethernet adapter that drives the two Ethernet LAN ports nor the optional write cache / RAID-5 enabler use any of the six PCI-X slots. A base IOP is included in the 1.65GHz processor enclosure. A base two-line WAN adapter is included for all model 570. The base IOP and base WAN adapter each use one of the six PCI-X slots. If an optional HSL=2/RIO-G adapter is added, one of the six PCI-X slots is not available for use.

    I/O towers/drawers may be attached to the model 570 using HSL loops (also called a RIO loop) to provide additional PCI slots, disk slots, other I/O. The loop also connects to other iSeries and xSeries systems.

    The 570 supports hot-plug disk slots, hot-plug PCI-X slots, redundant hot-plug cooling fans, and redundant hot-plug power supplies. An optional redundant hot-plug CPU power regulator is available for the single processor enclosure, but is standard on the multi-enclosure 570. An optional redundant service processor is available or the 570 with two or more processor enclosures.

    The 570 offers outstanding configurability with base or included features and a large selection of optional features. The minimum functional system consists of the base system unit, base features, and selected priced features.


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