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IBM 7315-CR2 HMC

IBM 7315-CR2 HMC


  • Description

    Product Description

    The IBM 7310-CR2 Rack-mounted HMC is a dedicated rack-mounted workstation that allows you to configure and manage partitions and Capacity on Demand on POWER5™ servers. An integrated hardware management application helps you configure and partition the server through a GUI. To help ensure console functionality, the HMC is not available as a general purpose computing resource.

    The 7310-CR2 helps you manage LPAR configurations to:

    • Create and store LPAR profiles that define the processor, memory, and I/O resources allocated to an individual partition
    • Start, stop, and reset a system partition
    • Boot a partition or system by selecting a profile
    • Display system and partition status
    • Display a virtual operator panel of the contents for each partition or controlled system

    In addition to partition and Capacity on Demand console functions, operating system console support is also provided for i5/OS using a 5250 programming interface. This can potentially save the cost of a separate i5/OS console.

    The HMC offers a service focal point for the systems it controls. It is connected to a dedicated port on the service processor of the POWER5 system via an Ethernet connection. Tools are available for problem determination and service support, such as call-home and error log notification, through an analog phone line.

    The Model 7310-CR2 has the following fixed hardware attributes:

    • Intel™ XEON-based rack-mounted workstation
      • 1U tall
      • Mounts in a 19-inch system rack
    • 1 GB of system memory
    • 40 GB minimum HDD
    • DVD-RAM for backup
    • One integrated serial port
    • One graphics port
    • Two integrated 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports
    • Three USB ports
    • Two PCI slots
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