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IBM 5790 PCI-X Expansion Drawer 32N1257 22R3958 22R5594

IBM 5790 PCI-X Expansion Drawer 32N1257 22R3958 22R5594


  • Description

    Product Description

    Model 5790 expansion unit

    22R3958 22R5594 power supplies can also be sold out of this unit, contact us for a price on the power supplies only

    Some adapters must be placed in specific Peripheral Component Interconnect-X (PCI-X) slots to function correctly or perform optimally. Use this information to determine where to install PCI and PCI-X adapters.

    The 5790 is a 19-inch, four EIA unit I/O expansion drawer that provides six full length, 64-bit, 3.3-V, 133 MHz hot-plug PCI-X slots. The I/O Expansion drawer is attached to the system using a RIO-2 bus interface adapter. The 5790 includes redundant concurrently maintainable power and cooling and the blind swap PCI mechanism allows for PCI card servicing without removing the I/O expansion drawer The 5790 mounts in a 19-inch rack using a 7307 Dual I/O Unit Enclosure or a 7311 Dual I/O Unit Enclosure. Two 5790 drawers can be mounted side by side in a single 7307 or 7311 and are not required to be attached to the same system

    You need one diagram for each expansion unit that is attached to the system unit. Copy the diagram for your use.

    Configuration notes:

    • IOPs control IOAs in the direction of slots 1 → 3, and 4→ 6.

      Resource name: ______________________________

      Back view of the unit.
    • The following table shows the slot properties and PHB connections.

      Table 1. Slot location descriptions
      PHB1 PHB2
      Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 6
      Long Long Long Long Long Long
      64-bit 3.3V, 133 MHz 64-bit 3.3V, 133 MHz 64-bit 3.3V, 133 MHz 64-bit 3.3V, 133 MHz 64-bit 3.3V, 133 MHz 64-bit 3.3V, 133 MHz
      Un-P1-C1 Un-P1-C2 Un-P1-C3 Un-P1-C4 Un-P1-C5 Un-P1-C6
    • Slots C1 through C6 are compatible with PCI, PCI-X, and PCI-X DDR adapters. PCI-X DDR would operate at PCI-X speeds.
    • Short adapters can go in short or long slots.
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