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IBM 8204-E8A 4966 9000 CPW

IBM 8204-E8A 4966 9000 CPW



  • Description

    Product Description

    8204-E8A, IBM i Series Model 550, Power6+, 4966

    IBM i Series 4.2 GHz Dual Core Processor (4966): 2-Core = 9200 CPW, 4-Core = 18000 CPW, 6-Core = 23850 CPW, 8-Core = 32650 CPW
    iSeries Memory: 1 GB – 256 GB (8 DDR2 memory DIMM slots)
    L3 Cache: 32 MB
    L2 Cache: 8 MB
    iSeries Disk Drives: 2700 GB with 3.5-inch DASD or 1174.4 GB with 2.5-inch DASD. All hot pluggable.

    Other features include:

    Choice of three DASD options
    6 x 3.5-inch DASD backplane with no external SAS port (default)
    6 x 3.5-inch DASD backplane with an external SAS port (optional)
    8 x 2.5-inch DASD backplane with an external SAS port (optional)
    Integrated Dual-port 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet (Optional Quad-port or Dual-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet)
    SAS/SATA controller
    Two HMC system ports & Three USB ports
    Redundant and hot-swap power (optional)
    Redundant and hot-swap cooling
    Deskside or rack-mount (4U) configurations
    Two media bays:
    One slim bay for a DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM (one must be selected)
    One half-high bay for a tape drive (optional)
    A maximum of five hot-swap slots:
    Two PCIe x8 slots, short card length
    One PCIe x8 slot, full card length
    Two PCIX DDR slots, full card length
    One GX+ slot (shares same space as PCIe x8 slot 2)
    One GX+/GX++ slot (shares same space as PCIe x8 slot 1)

    We will custom configure this system to your specifications.  We have some AIX models and some with IBM

    iOS V6R1 and V7R1 with users up to unlimited.

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