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IBM 6446 Dual Port 12X Channel Interface


IBM 6446 Dual Port 12X Channel Interface


  • Description

    Product Description

    IBM i Series 8205-E6B (#6446) – Dual-port 12X Channel Interface Attach – Short Run

    This Adapter is the interface for attachment of the I/O Drawer to a 12X Channel loop. The adapter includes two 12X Channel connectors to support attachment of the I/O drawer into the loop. This adapter does not include the repeater function and is intended to support configurations where the Host system and the external I/O drawers in the loop are located in the same rack.

    Cables attached to this adapter have the following restrictions. Cables between this adapter and a host system may not exceed 3.0 Meters in length. Cables between two I/O Drawers may not exceed 1.5 Meters if both I/O drawers include this Short Run adapter feature #6446. Cables between two I/O Drawers may not exceed 3.0 Meters if either of the I/O drawers includes this Short Run adapter feature #6446. The required 12X Cables are ordered under a separate feature number.

    Attributes provided: 12X Channel Interface Connection

    Attributes required: none

    For 8202-E4B: (#6446)

    Minimum required: 0

    Maximum allowed: 8 (Initial order maximum: 8)

    OS level required:

    AIX Version 5.3 supported

    AIX Version 6.1 supported

    AIX Version 7.1 supported

    IBM i 6.1 supported

    IBM i 7.1 supported

    SUSE Linux supported

    Red Hat Linux supported

    Refer to Software Requirements for specific O/S levels supported

    Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Both

    CSU: Yes

    Return parts MES: No

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