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IBM 5877 12X Channel 4U I/O Drawer (DDR) 10x PCIe

IBM 5877 12X Channel 4U I/O Drawer (DDR) 10x PCIe


  • Description

    Product Description

    Model 5802 and 5877 expansion units

    Learn about the PCI Express™ (PCIe) slots in the 5802 and 5877 expansion units.

    System description

    The 5802 and 5877 expansion units are 19-inch, rack-mountable, I/O expansion drawers that are designed to be attached to the system using 12x double date rate (DDR) cables.

    The expansion units can accommodate 10, generation 3 cassettes. These cassettes can be installed and removed without removing the drawer from the rack. The expansion units do not support I/O processor (IOP) adapters.

    The following figure shows the back view of the expansion unit.

    Figure 1. Back view

    Table 1 describes the location codes that are shown in Figure 1.

    Table 1. Location code descriptions
    Location code I/O chip PCI host bridge (PHB) Description
    P1-C1 I/O chip 1 PHB1 PCIe 8x slot.
    P1-C2 PHB2
    P1-C3 PHB3
    P1-C4 I/O chip 2 PHB4
    P1-C5 PHB5
    P1-C6 PHB6
    P1-C7 I/O chip 3 PHB7
    P1-C8 PHB8
    P1-C9 PHB9
    P1-C10 PHB10

    Slot priority

    The slot priority for all adapters is P1-C1, P1-C4, P1-C2, P1-C5, P1-C3, P1-C6, P1-C7, P1-C8, P1-C9, P1-C10.

    There are three I/O chips. Each I/O chip controls three or 4 PCI host bridges (PHBs) and each PCIe slot connects directly to a PHB.

    • One I/O chip controls slots P1-C1, P1-C2, and P1-C3.
    • A second I/O chip controls slots P1-C4, P1-C5, and P1-C6.
    • A third I/O chips controls slots P1-C7, P1-C8, P1-C9, and P1-C10.

    For best performance, fill P1-C1, P1-C4, P1-C2, P1-C5, P1-C3, and P1-C6 first with the highest bandwidth adapters. Then fill the remaining slots.

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