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IBM 5786 TotalStorage Expansion 24 Disk Drawer

IBM 5786 TotalStorage Expansion 24 Disk Drawer


  • Description

    Product Description

    5786, 5787, 7031-D24, or 7031-T24 SCSI disk drive enclosure

    Learn about the SCSI disk drive enclosure and how to assemble it.

    This SCSI disk drive enclosure can hold up 24 disk drives. The enclosure is organized into four groups, with each group containing six disk drive slots. The enclosure can be used as a stand-alone enclosure or a rack-mounted drawer.

    When connecting with your server, you can connect your SCSI cables to either a single-initiator repeater card or to a dual-initiator repeater card on your SCSI disk drive enclosure. The dual-initiator repeater card allows for high availability and combining groups of disk drive slots.

    To determine the level of software that you need to support the SCSI disk drive enclosure, see IBM® Prerequisite.

    Notes: Before you connect the enclosure, read the following information.

    • You must install the SCSI adapter that is used to connect the enclosure to your system. To view the PDF file of PCI adapters, approximately 40 MB in size, see PCI adapters .
    • For systems or partitions with an AIX® or Linux operating system, you must have the SCSI adapter information for your operating system. This is critical information for configuring the disks after you have attached the enclosure. Print the information before you begin the procedure. This information is available from the SCSI PCI Adapters (http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/pseries/v5r3/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.pseries.doc/hardware_docs/scsipciadapters.htm) website.
    • If you are going to configure RAID arrays, ensure that you have the following number of available disks for each RAID level:
      RAID 0 or 1
      Two drives per array
      RAID 5
      At least three drives per array
      RAID 6
      At least four drives per array
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