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IBM 5736 571A IBM PCI-X Dual 320 adapter

IBM 5736 571A IBM PCI-X Dual 320 adapter


  • Description

    Product Description

    IBM Feature Code 5736 CCIN 571A IBM PCI-X Dual 320 adapter Parts numbers 39J2862 44V5591 42R4860 42R4999

    39J3536 571A 39J4996 42R4860 0647 5775 5766 5806 also called feature code 1912 for pSeries

    PCI-X DDR Dual-Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter (FC 0647, 1912, 5736, 5775; CCIN 571A)

    Learn about the specifications for the PCI-X DDR Dual-Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter.

    The PCI-X DDR Dual-Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter is a high-performance SCSI adapter for Peripheral Component Interconnect-X (PCI-X) and PCI systems. The adapter provides two SCSI channels (buses), each capable of running 320 MBps (maximum). Each SCSI bus can either be internal (on systems that support internal SCSI devices or backplane attachments) or external, but not both. Internally attached Ultra320 devices run at a data rate of up to 320 MBps on systems that have internal backplanes that support Ultra320 speeds.

    The adapter uses and supports low voltage differential (LVD) drivers and receivers only.

    PCI-X DDR dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI adapter specifications

    FRU number
    FC 0647, 5736, or 5775 is 42R4860* or 39J4996**
    FC 1912 is 42R4862* or 39J4998**
    * Designed to comply with RoHS requirement.
    ** Not designed to comply with the RoHS requirement.
    I/O bus architecture
    PCI 2.2 compliant
    Slot requirement
    One available 3.3 volt PCI or PCI-X slot
    Maximum number
    For system-specific adapter placement information, see the PCI adapter placement for machine types 82xx and 91xx or the PCI adapter placement for machine type 94xx topic collections.
    Operating system or partition requirements
    AIX 5L™ Version 5.2 with the 5200-08 Technology Level, or later
    AIX 5L Version 5.3 with the 5300-03 Technology Level, or later
    AIX® Version 6.1 or later
    IBM® i V5R4 with V5R4M5 machine code, or later
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 4.5, or later
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 5.1, or later
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 1, or later
    Required software or drivers
    AIX – devices.pci.1410c002 device driver package
    Linux – ipr driver Version (or later) for SLES 9 kernels, Version (or later) for RHEL4 kernels, or Version 2.0.13 (or later) for kernel.org kernels (kernel version 2.6.12 or later)

    If you are installing a new feature, ensure that you have the software required to support the new feature and that you determine if there are any existing prerequisites. To do this, use the IBM Prerequisite Web site at http://www-912.ibm.com/e_dir/eServerPrereq.nsf Link outside information center.

    Attachment cables are included with the attaching subsystem or device.
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