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IBM 5708 10Gb Ethernet 2B3B 46K8088

IBM 5708 10Gb Ethernet 2B3B 46K8088


  • Description

    Product Description

    10-Gb FCoE PCIe Dual Port Adapter (FC 5708; CCIN 2B3B)

    Learn about the features, operating system requirements, and installation notes for the feature code (FC) 5708 adapter.


    The 10-Gb FCoE PCIe Dual Port Adapter is a high-performance, converged network adapter (CNA). The adapter supports data networking and storage networking traffic on a single I/O adapter by using Enhanced Ethernet and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). Both FCoE and network interface controller (NIC) functions are available for both ports simultaneously. Using FCoE requires Convergence Enhanced Ethernet (CEE) switches.

    The following figure shows the adapter LEDs and connectors.

    Figure 1. 10-Gb FCoE PCIe Dual Port Adapter

    Image of the 10-GB FCoE PCI Express Dual Port Adapter

    The LEDs on the adapter provide information about the operation status of the adapter.

    Table 1. Adapter LEDs
    Green SAN LED Green LAN LED Activity
    Off Off Power off
    Slow flashing (unison) Slow flashing (unison) Power-on, no link
    On On Link established, no activity
    On Flashing Link established, Transmission/Receive (TX/RX) LAN only activity
    Flashing On Link established, TX/RX SAN only activity
    Flashing Flashing Link established, TX/RX LAN and SAN activity
    Slow flashing (alternating) Slow flashing (alternating) Beaconing

    For details about slot priorities and placement rules, see the PCI adapter placement topic collection for your system.


    FRU number
    46K8088 (Designed to comply with RoHS requirement.)
    Wrap plug FRU number
    12R9314 (Designed to comply with RoHS requirement.)
    I/O bus architecture
    PCI Express x8 generation-1 and x4 generation-2
    PCI Express (PCIe) Base and Card Electromechanical (CEM) 2.0
    Maximum number
    For the maximum adapters supported, see the PCI adapter placement topic collection for your system.
    LC multimode fiber optic
    SFP+ (small form-factor pluggable) with SR optics
    3.3 V and 12-V
    Form factor
    Short, low-profile with standard-size bracket
    Cables are the responsibility of the customer. Use multimode fiber optic cables with short-wave lasers that adhere to the following specifications:

    • OM1
      • Multimode 62.5/125 micron fiber
      • 200 MHz x km bandwidth
      • Maximum cable distance 1 is 33 m (108 ft)
    • OM2
      • Multimode 50/125 micron fiber
      • 500 MHz x km bandwidth
      • Maximum cable distance is 82 m (269 ft)
    • OM3
      • Multimode 50/125 micron fiber
      • 2000 MHz x km bandwidth
      • Maximum cable distance is 300 m (984 ft)

    Operating system or partition requirements

    The adapter is supported on the following versions of the operating systems:

    • AIX®
      • AIX Version 7.1 with Service Pack 3, or later
      • AIX Version 6.1 with the 6100-06 Technology Level, and Service Pack 5, or later
      • AIX Version 5.3 with the 5300-12 Technology Level and Service Pack 4, or later
    • Linux
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 for POWER®, or later
      • Novel SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Service Pack 4, or later
    • IBM® i
      • Support of this feature with IBM i requires VIOS 2.2 or later
      • IBM i 7.1, or later
    • VIOS
      • VIOS support requires VIOS SP02, or later
    Note: If you are installing a new feature, ensure that you have the software required to support the new feature and that you determine whether there are any prerequisites. To check for the prerequisites, see IBM Prerequisite website .

    Replacing FCoE adapters by using hot swap

    When hot swapping FCoE adapters, be aware that device-related software for the storage devices might have additional devices that must be removed. See specific storage device documentation for information about how to remove these additional devices. The adapter has a unique worldwide port name (WWPN). When using the Fibre Channel function, check the zoning and LUN assignments to ensure that the Fibre Channel function is operating as expected.

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