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IBM 5276 10N7255 PCIe LP 4Gb 2-Port Fibre Channel Adapter for Power7

IBM 5276 10N7255 PCIe LP 4Gb 2-Port Fibre Channel Adapter for Power7


  • Description

    Product Description

    IBM F/C #5276 4Gb 2-Port PCIe (x4) Fibre Channel Adapter (LP)

    Low Profile (LP) equivalent to #5774

    64-bit Address/Data, Short Form Factor PCIe Adapter with LC Type External Fiber Connectors.

    The adapter will auto-negotiate for the highest data rate between adapter and an attaching Device at 1Gbps, 2Gbps or 4Gbps of which the Device or Switch is capable.

    Distances up to:
    500m at 1Gbps
    300m at 2Gbps
    150m at 4Gbps

    When used with IBM Fibre Channel Storage Switches supporting Long-Wave Optics, distances up to 10km are capable running at either 1Gbps, 2Gbps or 4Gbps data rates.

    The 4 Gigabit PCIe Single Port Fibre Channel Adapter can be used to attach devices either directly, or by means of Fibre Channel Switches.  If attaching a Device or Switch with a SC Type Fiber Connector, a converter cable is required.

    #2456 LC-SC 50 Micron Fiber Converter Cable
    #2459 LC-SC 62.5 Micron Fiber Converter Cable

    Min O/S Levels:
    AIX V.5.3
    IBM i V.6.1
    SUSE Linux, Red Hat Linux

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