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IBM 3590-H1A TotalStorage Enterprise Tape System

IBM 3590-H1A TotalStorage Enterprise Tape System


  • Description

    Product Description

    The TotalStorage™ Enterprise Tape System 3590 provides a high level of performance, reliability, data integrity, and cartridge capacity. The new 3590 Model H1A (H Model) Tape Drives offer increased cartridge capacity to meet the growing needs of new and existing customers across a broad range of computing environments. These environments include selected IBM eServer zSeries S/390®, iSeries AS/400®, pSeries RS/6000®, xSeries, Sun, and Hewlett Packard (HP) servers, as well as Intel®-compatible servers running Microsoft™ Windows NT®, Microsoft Windows® 2000, and Linux.

    The H Model is supported in the TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Library 3494, TotalStorage Silo Compatible Tape Drive Frame 3590 Model C12 or C14, TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive Frame 3590 Model A14, and standalone racks.

    The H Models employ a new narrow track magnetic recording head to increase the number of tracks on a tape cartridge from 256 to 384, utilizing the current 3590 media. They have a native capacity of 30 GB (or 90 GB with 3:1 compression) with the 3590 High Performance Cartridge or a native capacity of 60 GB (or 180 GB with 3:1 compression) with the 3590 Extended High Performance Cartridge. This is a 50% cartridge capacity increase versus the E Model, and three times the capacity of a B Model. These advancements can reduce the number of tape drives and cartridges required and the associated floor space.

    The H Models have a 14 MB/sec native data rate (42 MB/sec with 3:1 compression), the same high performance of the current E Models, and over 50% higher than the 9 MB/sec data rate provided by the B Models. Installed 3590 Model B11, B1A, E11, and E1A Tape Drives can be field upgraded to the new H Models, providing investment protection to the thousands of customers who have 3590 Tape Drives installed worldwide.

    Your investment in media is also protected. The new H Models will write on existing 3590 cartridges, and read cartridges written with the current B and E Models.


    Key Prerequisites

    The new 3590 H Models are supported in a wide range of environments including selected iSeries AS/400, pSeries RS/6000, xSeries, Sun, and HP servers, as well as Intel-compatible servers running Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000, and Linux. The appropriate attachment adapter and software are required.

    The new H Models can also attach to selected S/390 and zSeries servers with ESCON® and FICON™ attachment through the TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Controller 3590 Model A60.




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