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IBM 3581-F28 LTO2 Fibre 2U Tape Autoloader

IBM 3581-F28 LTO2 Fibre 2U Tape Autoloader


  • Description

    Product Description

    IBM TotalStorage Ultrium Tape 2U Autoloader 3581 Models L28 and F28 offer high capacity, performance, and technology designed for the midrange open systems environment. These models incorporate a single Linear Tape-Open (LTO) IBM TotalStorage Ultrium 2 Tape Drive, which more than doubles tape drive performance over the previous generation LTO Ultrium 1 Tape Drives (Ultrium 1), up to 35 MB/sec native data transfer rate (70 MB/sec with 2:1 compression). In addition, with the use of the new IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium 200 GB Data Cartridge, the Ultrium 2 Tape Drive has the capability of writing twice as much data, up to 200 GB native capacity (400 GB with 2:1 compression). IBM Ultrium 2 Tape Drives can read and write original LTO Ultrium Data Cartridges at original Ultrium 1 capacities and with an improved performance of up to 20 MB/sec native data transfer rate (40 MB/sec with 2:1 compression). The Model L28 comes with a LVD Ultra160 SCSI attachment, while the Model F28 comes with a Native Switched Fabric Fibre Channel attachment, for connection to a wide spectrum of open systems servers.

    The Ultrium Tape 2U Autoloader 3581 is an external 2U stand-alone or rack-mountable unit that incorporates a single IBM LTO Ultrium 2 tape drive. The Ultrium Tape 2U Autoloader 3581 capacity is eight tape cartridges, providing a media capacity of up to 1.6 TB (3.2 TB with 2:1 compression) data storage per unit.

    Other Ultrium 2 Tape Drive functions include:

    • Digital speed matching — to adjust the drive data rate with the host, which reduces backhitching and improves throughput performance
    • Power management — to reduce power consumption
    • Channel calibration — to customize each read/write data channel for optimum performance
    • Separate writing of multiple filemarks — to improve performance when writing multiple files
    • Larger internal buffer — the internal buffer size is 64 MB, double the buffer size of the Ultrium 1 drives
    • Faster drive speeds — faster data access time, reduced rewind time, reduced cartridge load time, and faster cartridge fill time compared to the Ultrium 1 drives

    Key Prerequisites

    Appropriate levels of host software are required to attach the Ultrium Tape 2U Autoloader 3581 with IBM LTO Ultrium 2 Tape Drives to selected IBM eServer iSeries, AS/400, IBM eServer pSeries, RS/6000, RS/6000 SP, IBM eServer xSeries, Netfinity, HP, Sun, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Linux, and other UNIX and PC servers. Refer to the Technical Information section for details.

    At a Glance

    The Ultrium Tape 2U Autoloader 3581 combines IBM tape and automation reliability at open systems prices. The new Models L28 and F28 support entry level unattended backup, open systems attachment flexibility, enhanced capacity and performance, and include:

    • LVD (Model L28) and HVD (Model L28 with HVD Converter Kit feature number 3104), Native Switched Fabric 2 Gbps Fibre Channel (Model F28)
    • LTO Ultrium 2 native data capacities up to 1.6 TB (up to 3.2 TB using 2:1 compression) with eight cartridge slots
    • Use of LTO Ultrium 2 Tape Drive with a drive data rate of 70 MB/second (2:1 data compression)
    • Optional bar code reader and/or remote management unit
    • Sequential or random access
    • Stand-alone or rack-mount option
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