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IBM 2780 RAID-5 Disk Controller 39J5581 42R8305

IBM 2780 RAID-5 Disk Controller 39J5581 42R8305


  • Description

    Product Description

    IBM F/C #2780 RAID-5 Disk Controller Part Number 39j39j5581 42R8305J5581 42R8305

    PCI-X Ultra4 RAID Disk Controller (FC 0627, 0641, 2780; CCIN 2780)

    Learn about the specifications for the PCI-X Ultra RAID Disk Controller.

    This adapter is an Ultra4 (Ultra320) SCSI controller with a maximum compressed write cache of 757 MB and a maximum compressed read cache size of 1 GB that provides RAID-5 protection for internal disks and also supports internal tape units, CD-ROM and DVD units. The 2780 has four Ultra4 (Ultra320) SCSI buses. In addition to providing RAID-5 protection for disks, it is also designed to work as a high performance controller for disks protected by system mirroring or disks with no protection. This controller also uses a Cache Battery Pack, which can be replaced concurrently with system operation.

    A 5708 or 574F Auxiliary Cache IOA is required for RAID. The Auxiliary Cache IOA is to be connected to the 4th SCSI bus of the 2780.

    The 0627 is a direct attach 2780 for use with Linux or AIX®.

    The 0641 is a direct attach 2780 with a CCIN 574F auxiliary-write cache IOA.


    FRU number
    042R7704 *
    *Designed to comply with RoHS requirement.
    I/O bus architecture
    PCI 2.2 compliant
    Slot requirement
    One available 3.3 volt PCI or PCI-X slot
    Operating system or partition requirements
    IBM® i V5R3, or later
    AIX 5L™ Version 5.2 with the 5200-10 Technology Level, or later
    AIX 5L Version 5.3 with the 5300-06 Technology Level, or later
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4 U4 , or later
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, or later
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