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IBM 1787 177Gb SFF SSD with EMLC IBMi 58B3 74Y5293 74Y5294 74Y5297 74Y5298


IBM 1787 177Gb SFF SSD with EMLC IBMi 58B3 74Y5293 74Y5294 74Y5297 74Y5298


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  • Description

    Product Description

    177 GB SFF SSD with EMLC (#1775, #1787, #1793, and #1794)

    SAS-bay-based SSD options are enhanced with expanded configuration options for the 177 GB SSD, which provides 2.5 times more capacity per drive than the current 69 GB SSD for the POWER7® 710, 720, 730, 740, 750, 755, 770, and 780, and for the POWER6® 520, 550, 560, 570, and 595. The 177 GB drive provides a much improved cost per gigabyte and requires a smaller number of SAS bays for the same number of gigabytes. A few SSDs may reduce the need for many HDDs, saving rack space, I/O drawers, maintenance, and energy. SSDs can often do so while improving system performance and batch windows at the same time. Four feature codes are used for this drive to indicate if it is used for AIX/Linux or IBM i and to indicate what type of SFF SAS bay in which it is placed (#1775, #1787, #1793, and #1794). Two features are Gen2 carrier for use on the EXP24S SFF Gen2-bay Drawer (#5887). Note feature 1775 and feature 1787 were previously announced on POWER7 795.

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