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IBM 1775 SFF1 SDD 177GB with eMLC AIX Linux 49Y7402 58B3


IBM 1775 SFF1 SDD 177GB with eMLC AIX Linux 49Y7402 58B3


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    Product Description

    177 GB SFF SSD with EMLC (#1775, #1787, #1793, and #1794)

    F/C #1775 Part Number 74Y5498 00E6050 00E6051 49Y7478 74Y5293 74Y5497

    CCIN 58B3

    The new SAS SFF 177 GB SSD with eMLC provides about 2.5 times more gigabytes per SAS bay as compared to the existing SAS-bay-based SLC™ 69 GB SSD option. This new 177 GB eMLC SAS-bay-based option uses very similar technology to the PCIe-based 177 GB eMLC introduced late in 2010. SSD or flash technology can provide 33 to 125 times more I/O operations per second (IOPS) compared to spinning disk drives (HDD) and can, therefore, slash I/O-bound batch window times, improve interactive or query response time, and even make previously performance-impractical applications work well.

    These 177 GB SSD were introduced in second quarter 2011, on the Power 795 in the 12X PCIe I/O Drawer (#5803) and are now announced for additional POWER7 and POWER6 models.

    eMLC technology stands for “Enterprise Multi-Level Cell” Flash memory technology. It blends enterprise-class performance and reliability characteristics with the more cost-effective characteristics of MLC Flash storage. Using advances in the SSD device controller Flash memory management in concert with advances in MLC technology, IBM provides substantially better cost-per-gigabyte or cost-per-SAS bay. More impressively, eMLC does this while continuing to provide great sustained performance levels with extended endurance/reliability.

    These IBM eMLC SSDs were designed to provide 24x7x365 usage while continuously running write-intensive workloads for at least five years. Typical client usage is expected to be much lower, especially regarding the average percentage of writes, and thus drive lifespan may be much longer.

    Two of these SSD-based drives (#1775, #1787) are mounted on Gen1 or SFF-1 carriers/trays. These 177 GB SSD drives (#1775 (AIX/Linux/VIOS) and #1787(IBM i)) can be located in:

    • POWER7 system units: Power 710, 720, 730, 740, 750, 755, 770, and 780
    • #5802 12X PCIe I/O drawers in mode 2, attached to the above POWER7 servers (#5802 in mode 1 or mode 4 does not support SSD in its SAS bays)
    • #5803 12X PCIe I/O drawers in mode 2, attached to the Power 795 (previously announced) (#5803 in mode 1 or mode 4 does not support SSD in its SAS bays)

    Two other features (#1793 and #1794) are mounted on Gen2 or SFF-2 carriers/trays. These 177 GB SSD drives (#1793 AIX/Linux/VIOS) and (#1794 IBM i) can be located in the #5887 EXP24S I/O Drawer. These are basically the same SSD as #1775 and #1787 except they are mounted on Gen2 carriers compatible with the EXP24S SFF Gen2-bay Drawer (#5887). These features can only be located in Gen2 SAS bays. These SSD (#1793 and #1794) in their EXP24S drawer are supported on POWER7 and POWER6 servers.

    These SSDs (#1775, #1787, #1793 and #1794) can be controlled by:

    • The imbedded SAS controllers in the previously listed POWER7 system units (Power 710 through Power 780)
    • The PCIe 380 MB Cache SAS RAID Adapter (#5805 and #5903)
    • The PCI-X 1.5 GB Cache SAS RAID Adapter (#5904, #5906, and #5908)

    The maximum number of SSD drive features per controller depends upon the enclosure in which the SSDs are placed and the SAS controller, which is running the SSDs.

    • Imbedded SAS controllers can attach up to the maximum number of bays in the system unit, an attachment maximum of six or eight.
    • The PCIe 380 MB Cache SAS RAID Adapter (#5805/5903) can attach up to a total of nine SSDs per pair of adapters.
    • The PCI-X 1.5 GB Cache SAS RAID Adapter (#5904, #5906, and #5908) can attach up to a total of eight SSDs.

    Drive protection rules are identical to other HDDs or SSDs used on Power Systems. In IBM i environments, drives are required to be protected by either RAID 5/6 or system mirroring. In AIX® or Linux® or VIOS environments, protection is highly recommended, but not mandatory. RAID 0/5/6/10 or system mirroring (LVM) is available for AIX/Linux/VIOS. A 177 GB RAID array must be all 177 GB SAS-bay-based SSD drives. SSDs and HDDs cannot be in the same RAID array nor can SSDs and HDDs mirror each other.

    The feature 1775 (AIX/Linux/VIOS) and 1787 (IBM i) SSDs are physically identical but two feature codes are used to help IBM configurator tools understand which set of protection rules apply. Likewise feature #1793 (AIX/Linux) and #1794 (IBM i) are physically identical, however, they need special placement rules because they are only supported in Gen2 SAS bays in EXP24S SFF Gen2-bay Drawer.

    177 GB SSD drives come from IBM using 528-byte sectors (RAID formatted). Reformatting to JBOD’s 512-byte sectors for an AIX/Linux system is not tested and is not supported.


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