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Dell PowerEdge 1850

Dell PowerEdge 1850


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    Product Description

    Dell PowerEdge 1850    (x 2) Dual Core 2.8 GHz CPUs and 8 Gig memory

    With two Intel® Xeon™ processors (single or dual-core) and an 800MHz Front Side Bus, the PowerEdge

    1850 system is designed to provide high speed data processing. Plus, the server offers up to 16GB1 of

    DDR-2 memory for memory intensive applications. It also includes Intel Extended Memory 64

    Technology (EM64T) to enable continued utilization of existing 32-bit technology with the capacity to

    incorporate 64-bit operating systems and applications in the future. With support for PCI Express™

    architecture, the PowerEdge 1850 server delivers next generation I/O throughput for future high

    throughput peripherals.


    Uncompromising Availability

    In spite of its small size, the PowerEdge 1850 server is rich in high availability features. It includes

    hot-plug hard drives that allow you to remove and replace drives while the server is operating with a

    RAID controller. You can add the redundant power supply option without occupying the dual PCI slots,

    allowing you to retain expandability without compromising redundancy. It also provides redundant

    cooling fans, Memory Mirroring and redundant Network Interface Controllers. What’s more, the

    PowerEdge 1850 server supports High Availability Clustering and Storage Area Networks so that you

    can scale your external storage with high availability.

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