As we approach year end many IT departments are hearing the call from their users to pump up the systems to handle the end of year load. In some cases a server hardware upgrade can solve performance issues at a fraction of the price of a new server. Adding CPUs or memory can significantly increase a server’s performance. However, not all systems are upgradable, and upgrades don’t always fix poor-performing hardware. Moreover, new technology often provides new opportunities, allowing administrators to deploy more virtual machines or adopt more demanding workloads. Administrators should weigh these pros and cons and consider the expected return on investment and the impact on business operations before deciding whether to buy a new server or upgrade the existing one.

Would you like to take a test drive?  Here at ISM we rent all servers, storage, and networking hardware.  We have rental programs from 30 days to a year.  This way you can see if the increased performance is something you want to invest in or of it doesn’t meet your needs then simply send it back at the end of the rental period.  If you decide to keep it and you’d like to buy, then we’ll give you a credit for the rental payments and apply that to your purchase price.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help!  Do you need more memory to speed processing?  Additional disk to handle the data?  More or faster tape drive solutions to handle the increased loads?  Contact us today and talk to us so we can help you with a viable solution that fits your needs!

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