Crystal Matthews

Crystal Matthews, IBM Logistics Manager

IBM Logistics Manager

I have enjoyed working here since 2007 am responsible for logistics for all of our our IBM sales staff. When I came to ISM I knew nothing about this industry and very little about logistics. In the beginning it was very difficult, but there are a lot of good, knowledgeable people here with many years of experience that taught me and guided me along the way and I have learned so much from them. What I like about working here is that every day is different. One day, we can be arranging shipping on a system as big as a refrigerator to Japan, and the next, a part as small as in ice cube around the corner. I also like that this job challenges me on a daily basis, and that I still learn something new every day.

Crystal Matthews lives in Norcross, GA and enjoys gardening, reading, and is a video game afficionado.

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