Chris Harrell

Chris Harrell, Open Systems Engineering Manager

Open Systems Engineering Manager

I have enjoyed working at ISM because of the family atmosphere. There are no closed doors and everyone is encouraged to problem solve. When I first started here I began in the shipping department and was able to work my way up to my current position. I am thankful for the education and training during my time here. The work ethic and positivity at ISM allows a low/no turnover rate. ISM encourages a balanced lifestyle and in doing so continues to make its employees happy.  ISM has found its place by employing a no compromise customer satisfaction program and that really makes a difference in my day as I know quality is job #1, not rushing an order out the door, but we take the time to get it right. In my role, these policies promote top notch auditing and refurbishing practices, as well as ensuring our customers receive a great product.

Chris Harrell has an ADS in Networking Technology from Athens Technical College in Athens, Georgia and as a car enthusiast highly enjoys his drive in from Athens each day.

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